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What is is a framework for writing Aztec smart contracts.


Noir is a domain specific language for creating and verifying proofs. It's design choices are influenced heavily by Rust.

A smart contract is just a collection of persistent state variables, and a collection of functions which may edit those state variables.

An Aztec smart contract is a smart contract with private state variables and private functions. is a framework for writing Aztec smart contracts, written in Noir.

Getting started

Install Noir

To write an contract, you need to write Noir, aztec-cli comes with a built-in compiler for Noir contracts.


For those coming from vanilla Noir, the version used for is tracked separately to nargo for vanilla noir, so be sure to use the nargo version shown above

The CLI comes with the Noir compiler, so installing nargo is not required, however it is recommended as it provides a better developer experience for writing contracts. You will need nargo installed to take advantage of the Noir Language Server, which provides syntax highlighting and formatting for your Aztec contracts.

You will also need nargo if you want to run unit tests in Noir.

You can install nargo with the following commands:

curl -L | bash
noirup -v v0.18.0-aztec.5

Install Noir tooling

There are a number of tools to make writing contracts more pleasant. See here.


See the Token Contract tutorial for more info on getting set up to write contracts.

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📄️ Structure

A contract is a collection of persistent state variables, and functions which may manipulate these variables. Functions and state variables within a contract's scope are said to belong to that contract. A contract can only access and modify its own state. If a contract wishes to access or modify another contract's state, it must make a call to an external function of the other contract. For anything to happen on the Aztec network, an external function of a contract needs to be called.